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25 Frog Pond Road, Staunton, VA 24401


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About Weird Dude's Plant Zoo

A NURSERY LIKE NO OTHER, Weird Dude's Plant Zoo, L.L.C. now resides on five acres in sunny Southwest Florida. Co-owner Marty Harper and assorted other critters live on the nursery property. Debbie Gartzke, co-owner, remains in Staunton, Virginia, where the nursery began, awaiting the sale of the greenhouse property there, and spends a couple of weeks at a time at the Florida site every few months. In Florida, as they did in Virginia, Marty is surrounding the house and nursery more and more each year with display gardens in full sun to deep shade. We hope that one day these gardens will provide opportunities for visitors to the nursery to experience in the garden the plants which Weird Dude's Plant Zoo offers.

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GardenGuy24June.26, 2020

Ive seen this places variety of plants, they have everything! Definitely worth seeing!



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