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2424 Zell Rd, Ferndale, WA 98248

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About Triple Wren Farms

Sarah Pabody founded Triple Wren Farms in 2012. She owns and operates the first generation family farm together with her husband Steve, where they Share Beauty by growing and selling amazing cut flowers and dahlia tubers, and inviting visitors to the farm for workshops and Open Farm events.

Her heart to share beauty extends far beyond the flowers at Triple Wren, as she actively and intentionally shares the beauty of God’s Word with women and seeks to help them Cultivate their hearts.

At the farm, Sarah works closely with our field crew manager to handle harvesting, production, field plantings, and dahlia tuber shipping, and is the lead designer for our wedding crew. She is a detailed planner (hello, Type 3 wing 2!), and is thankful for her visionary partner.

Steve Pabody has been farming with his wife Sarah since 2012, bringing his strong background skills of marketing and PR to Triple Wren Farms’ mission of Sharing Beauty.

The family farm business is an all-hands-on-deck endeavor, but Steve specializes in sales, logistics, and maintenance. He is the visionary of Triple Wren’s future, readily seeing the forest, never getting lost in the trees.

He is truly the heart of Triple Wren, and an encouraging, faithful “shepherd” for Sarah and their children.

Caroline Arnhart is the Field Crew Manager and general Girl Friday at Triple Wren, handling her multi-faceted role with grace.

From organizing crew for harvest, to designing bridal bouquets, to standing in as a photo shoot model, to office admin help, and much, much more, Caroline regularly saves the day for our Team.

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