Cyndi's Catalog of Garden Catalogs
Last Update January 1, 2013
***January 1 - Added Flea Market Gardening***

Here's a number of links that should be of interest to the home gardener. I've tried to include sites that have information of value, whether tailored to broad interests or perhaps only to specialists. This list is a copyrighted publication. New addresses, changes, questions or comments should be directed to Cyndi Johnson.

General Advice and How-To Regional AdviceSpecialty GardeningSpecific PlantsCritter AdvicePlant Finders Other Directories

  • General Advice and Reference

    Allergy-Free Gardening
    American Horticultural Society
    American Society of Landscape Architects
    Avant-Gardening: Creative organic gardening and "spiritual growth".
    Backyard Gardener
    Bromeliad Society International
    Compost Guide: Good simple to follow info on composting, with links to other articles and resources. Site is owned by Clean Air Gardening.
    Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
    Cornell University Poisonous Plants Database: An excellent resource.
    Dried Flowers Galore: How to enjoy longer all those flowers you've grown.
    Encyclopedia of Plants: General information on plants and gardening
    Extoxnet: Information about pesticides - very valuable resource.
    Family Gardening
    Flea Market Gardening: Make a pleasing garden with inexpensive objects and those flea-market finds. News and resources for the nursery professional.
    Flower Gardeners: Online community for those interested in flower growing. Startup in 2011.
    Garden Better: Small site with informative how-to articles geared towards the amateur gardener.
    Garden Country: Forums, info, advice on gardening.
    The Garden Forum Author Maureen Gilmer's most excellent gardening articles.
    Garden Guides
    Garden Launch Pad
    Garden Net
    The Gardener's Escape: Small site with articles, reviews, and ads.
    The Gardener's Network
    GardenWeb: Lots of info, forums, articles. A good site.
    Gardener's Academy: Educational courses for gardeners, novice to expert. Not free, however.
    Gardening for the Blind: A blind-reader accessible website, but not much advice for blind persons.
    Gardening Tips Guide: Basic info for new gardeners, lots of ads.
    Global Garden Magazine(Australia)
    Grow'Em Plant Progration Database: Info on propogating many plants for house and garden.
    Guide to Saving Seeds Also has some good links for seed savers.
    Kid's Gardening National Gardening Association's site for getting kids more involved in gardening. Has a small online store.
    Kokopelli Seed Foundation: promoting organic heirloom seeds to fight hunger.
    Lewis Gardens: Tips and advice for gardeners.
    Masked Flower Images: Images of plants for sale to incorporate into your gardening and picture software programs. A bit of info on pest control too.
    Master Gardeners Online California counties
    National Council of State Garden Clubs
    National Gardening Association
    North American Cottage Garden Society
    Noxious Weeds: Look up noxious weeds; includes a nice search function.
    Plant Care: Info about plant care suitable for beginners.
    Plants Toxic to Animals
    Pollination Home Page: All about pollination and pollinators. Very thorough!
    Rain Barrel Guide: Basic info on collecting rainwater, and some good links to other guides and resources. Site is owned by Clean Air Gardening.
    Rebecca's Garden The TV show's web site
    Rebecca's Garden Web: Not the TV Rebecca, this site has seed & plant exchanges, other links, advice.
    Royal Horticultural Society
    Timber Press: Publishes excellent books on plants.
    Tom Clothier's Garden Walk and Talk: Excellent articles on seed germination and many aspects of gardening.
    The Traditional Gardening Journal Website for the magazine
    Univ of British Columbia's botanical site. Check out the forums section and ask researchers about your plant problems.
    UConn Plant Database
    Urban Agriculture: Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture
    Urban Gardening and Agriculture General advice for growing in an urban setting, with plenty of links for more details.
    USDA Gardening Site
    The Virtual Gardener Looks like an arm of
    Weed Identification Guide: Virginia Tech's excellent weed ID site, for weeds of the southeastern U.S.
    Weed Science Society of America: Look for photos and advice on common weeds.
    The Weekend Gardener
    Wilted Leaf Get your gardening questions answered by Master Gardeners.
    Year Round Gardener: Greenhouse growing and techniques; geared towards the hobbyist. Lots of ads.

  • Regional Advice and Reference

    Canadian Gardening: Website for the magazine. They have a very comprehensive list of Canadian garden catalogs as well.
    Canada Gardens: Resources for Canadian gardeners: articles, links, and garden events. The best for Canadian gardening
    Andy's Northern Ontario WildflowersWildflower pix and info.
    East Coast Vine: Gardening in Canada's Atlantic provinces.
    Colorado Master Gardeners: Lots of good stuff for Rocky Mountain gardeners.
    Two Rainy Side Gardeners: Gardening advice for the maritime Pacific Northwest.
    Garden California This isn't always current, but if you garden in California there is some good stuff.
    California Garden Clubs: Garden club and show information.
    California Organic Gardening: Tips on organic gardening.
    Mediterranean Plants List: A link to the email list of Mediterrean plant enthusiasts.
    Plant Advisor: Suggests plants suitable for the southwestern deserts.
    Desert Plants Data Review: Hear the proper pronounciation of the Latin names of desert plants. The Southern Great Lakes Gardener: Regional advice for those living in the Great Lakes area.
    Rochester Gardening Gardening in upstate New York
    The Gardener's List: Local resources and general advice for the Connecticut area.
    Boston Gardens: Gardening topics for Boston, and the rest of Massachusetts.
    Northern Gardening: Advice from a Minnesota master gardener.
    Iowa Gardener: All about gardening in Iowa.
    University of Illinois Extension: The Hort Corner, Lots of advice and good links.
    Purdue University Extension Offices: Info on ag and natural resources
    Midwest Turfgrass Weed Identification: ID and get rid of those pesky lawn weeds.
    Walter Reeves, Gardening in GeorgiaGardening in Georgia.
    Higher Ground: Southern gardening, Gulf Coast region.
    Florida Plants Online: A good source for information about growing plants, native and otherwise, in Florida
    Florida Gardener: Advice for the Florida gardener.
    Irish Gardeners: Advice for gardeners in Ireland.

  • Alpine and Rock Gardening
    Alpine Garden Society
    The Alpine Garden American Primrose Society
    American Violet Society
    The Heather Society
    National Auricula and Primula Society
    North American Rock Garden Society
    Primula World The Saxifrage Society
    The Violet Society

  • Aquatic Gardening
    Pond Club: Site for pond news & advice; took over Picovs'
    Illiana Water Garden Society: Pond pics, tips and advice.

  • Greenhouse Gardening
    Hobby Greenhouse Association

  • Organic Gardening
    Don't Panic, Eat Organic
    Organic Green FingersAsk all your questions about organic growing at this site.

  • Specific Plants
    Aroids and Arisaemas
    International Aroid Society
    Marc's Amorphophallus Website

    The Azalea Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society
    Azalea Society of America

    American Bamboo Society
    Bamboo People: Collecting data on the growth and propagation of bamboo.

    American Begonia Society
    Association of Australian Begonia Societies
    Canadian Begonia Society
    UK National Begonia Society

    American Bonsai Society

    International Bulb Society
    American Daffodil Society
    Midwest Daffodil Society
    Northern California Daffodil Society
    Pacific Bulb Society
    North American Gladiolus Council

    Cacti and Succulents
    Cactus and Succulent Society of America
    Cactus Mall: Everything for the cactus enthusiast.
    The Succulent Plant Page

    International Camellia Society

    International Carnivorous Plant Society
    Colorado Carnivorous Plant Society
    Carnivorous Plant FAQ: Everything you wanted to know about carnivorous plants.
    Carnivorous Plant Database : Very thorough.

    National Chrysanthemum Society

    American Clematis Society
    International Clematis Society
    British Clematis Society
    Home of Clematis

    American Dahlia Society
    Doing Dahlias: The Colorado Dahlia Society's site on dahlias.
    The Dahlia BigList: The Colorado Dahlia Society's page on locating dahlia varieties deserves its own listing.
    The Growing World of Dahlias:Dahlias from all over the world.

    American Hemerocallis Society
    Eureka Daylily Reference
    Daylilies Growing Along the Information Highway
    My DayliliesArticles, pictures, forums, and ads for daylilies.

    North American Dianthus Society

    American Fern Society
    The Hardy Fern Foundation

    North American Fruit Explorers: An organization for cultivating and discovering better varieties of fruit. Amateurs welcome.
    California Rare Fruit Growers
    Fruit Growers News: Newsletter for the fruit industry

    American Fuschia Society

    Geraniums (also see Pelargoniums)
    Hardy Geraniums

    American Gourd Society
    Ohio Gourd Society
    California Gourd Society
    Southwest Gourd Association

    Ornamental Grass Society

    American Herb Society
    Culinary Herb Guide
    Herb Gardening Guru

    American Hibiscus Society
    Australian Native Hibiscus Family

    Holly Society of America
    Hollies for the Gulf Coast

    American Hosta Society
    Giboshi: Hosta information
    Hosta Photo Library

    African Violet Society of America
    American Gloxinia and Gesneriad Society
    Gesneriad Reference Web

    American Iris Society
    Canadian Iris Society
    The Median Iris Society
    Reblooming Iris Society
    Tall Bearded Iris Society
    Society for Japanese Iris

    North American Lily Society and a page for the Species Lily Preservation Group

    Mostly Moss: All about growing a moss garden.

    North American Mycological Assn

    California Native Plant Society
    Georgia Native Plant Society: Promoting stewardship of Georgia's native plants.

    International Oleander Society

    American Orchid Society
    Orchid Mall

    Passion Vine (Passiflora)
    Passiflora Society International

    International Geranium Society (Pelargoniums)

    The Penstemon Page: An interesting site all about penstemons.

    American Peony Society
    Canadian Peony Society
    The Peony Society (British)

    Perry's Perennial Pages
    Perennial Plant Association

    Plumeria Society of America

    The American Rhododendron Society
    The Rhododendron Page

    All About Rose Gardening
    American Rose Society
    Canadian Rose Society
    All-American Rose Selections (AARS)
    Timeless Roses
    The Rose Page

    A World of Salvias

    The Saxifrage Society

    American Assn. of Amateur Arborists
    American Conifer Society
    British Trees
    International Palm Society
    Magnolia Society
    The Maple Society
    Palms of the World
    Univ. of Illinois Woody Plant database: Identification, usage, and culture for the Midwest.

    Tropical Plants
    Zone 10: The place for tropical plants
    All About Gingers: Just like it says, all about gingers.

    Kitchen Gardeners International: All about growing your own food.
    The Vegetable Patch: Info about growing vegetables organically.
    Vegetable MD Online:The Cornell plant pathology vegetable disease website, much easier to navigate than its name implies.

  • Critter Advice
    Iowa State University Entomology
    Pests - UC Davis Integrated Pest Management
    Entomology Index of Internet Resources
    Living with Wildlife
    PAN Pesticide Database: Provides detailed information on thousands of pesticide formulations.
    Pests and Controls (Florida)

  • Plant Identification, Plant Finders, and Seed Swaps:

    Aggie Horticulture Ornamentals Database
    All-America Selections Winners: Find the All-America Selections Winners and where you can buy them.
    Coleus Finder: Search for coleus by name or by leaf color/shape.
    Combined Rose List: International reference for all rose sources.
    Daffodil Seeker: Sponsored by the American Daffodil Society
    Dave's Garden: Seed swapping, inventory, forums
    East Asian Flora: Buy or trade hoyas, orchids, and SE Asian rarities.
    Find My Roses: Find that rose you've been looking for
    GardenMart Plant Search: Search for a plant by name or by characteristics.
    Garden Nut: Buy and sell plants from various vendors or private parties.
    International Seed Saving Institute: Organization teaches seed saving.
    Iril's Garden Page: Click the "news" button while Iril redesigns the garden area of her site. Hostas and perennial seeds.
    Pat Lowe's Seed Exchange
    My Native Plants: Designed by Las Pilitas Nursery. Californians can type in their growing conditions and get a list of natives suitable for planting.
    PlantSeeker: Post free classified ads to buy, sell, and trade plants.
    The Rock Garden Some for sale, but mostly for swap.
    Forest Biology and Dendrology Educational Site: A useful site for identifying what kind of trees you have.
    New Ornamentals Society
    Seed Swappers: Online seed-swapping site, also has discussion forums.
    3D Garden Composer: Garden design software and plant encyclopedia CD for purchase.
    GrowIt: A comprehensive site for the commercial nursery industry.
    NeoFlora: Large plant database that lets you search in plain English.
    New Plant Page: a resource guide to information on new and rare woody plant plants, perennials, and interior landscape plants.
    Phytochemical and Ethnobotany Databases: Find plants with specific chemicals, or ethnobotanical uses for a particular plant.
    La Plant Encyclo: This site allows you to specify a number of different criteria and searches for a plant to match. Translation from French works very well.
    Plant Info: From the Chicago Botanic Garden. Search for plants by characteristic, look for your zone, get a list for Illinois' Best Plants.
    Plant Search: Look for plants in California wholesale nurseries.
    Seedquest: Information Services for Seed Professionals
    USDA Plants Database
    World Wide Flowering Plant Family Identification Database that lets you identify a plant by choosing from a list of characteristics.

  • Other Directories

    Australian Nurseries Online: Big list of Australian nurseries, online and not, retail, wholesale, more.
    Digital Librarian, Gardening: A huge list of links.
    The Garden Gate: Good selection of links, well organized.
    Garden Time Online: Links to gardening sites on a variety of subjects; advertisements.
    Hort Net: Big gallery of plant pictures, descriptions, plus a number of gardening mailing lists, news and links.
    I Love Plants: Another personal site with links to nurseries, blogs, regional resources.
    Internet Directory for Botany: Look up links related to botany and gardening.
    MailOrder Gardening Association: Many catalog companies listed plus tips on ordering;info for companies.
    Pepperclicks: The place to go for pepper resources - "From seeds to sauces".
    Organic and Permaculture Gardening: Lots of links
    Scott's Botantical Links
    Southern California Nursery Plants: Search for nurseries in Southern California, also has a nice blog with other links.

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