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    Direct general gardening discussion here!

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    Well, I prefer, like growing our own vegetables and fruits in our backyard garden area. I had came to know that using of organic pest control services produces Eco-friendly garden without having to worry about the dangerous implications of harmful chemical pesticides and insecticides. So, which types of solutions, such as herbicides, pesticides, and conventional fertilizers you use for your gardening?



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    I personally avoid using all types of chemicals in my garden. I usually opt for the all natural home remedies!

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    The action of gardening provides great satisfaction. The process of gardening includes the following steps:

    1) Choose a good location.
    2) Planning of the garden layout.
    3) Select which vegetables and plants to be grown.
    4) Get good seeds, equipment, and supplies for the gardening process.
    4) Prepare soil properly.’
    5) Start planting your plants and vegetables.
    6) Use effective weed removal techniques.
    7) Good pest control services should be provided from Exterminators Loomis CA.
    8) Water properly.
    9) Harvest at Peak Quality.

    These were some basic steps that are included in the gardening process.

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    I like to avoid using harmful chemicals in my garden, too. Some natural pesticides I suggest are garlic, beer, soapy water & pepper spray. Hope that helps!

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    I use soapy water too! Glad to see someone else uses this method to keep their garden clear of pests!

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    Does anyone have suggestions on starting a rose garden as a beginner?

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